Lamia Empire

The Lamia are a race of desert dwellers who worshiped the false god Sithris, who afflicted them with bestial forms either as punishment for an unknown offence, or as a sadistic reward. Because of their gods’ betrayal, all Lamia have a zealous hatred for all things theistic. However and not without irony, they are fanatically reverent of those rare chosen ones who hear the will of the angry god that cursed them. They hope, perhaps, that through fealty that Sithris will restore their once beautiful bodies.

The Lamia displaced, enslaved, and slaughtered the inhabitants of the deserts and foothills beyond the [Broken Hills] area, and terrorize all who pass through. They desecrated an ancient temple to the Beasts of Good, and built the slave city [Mamfar] to serve their blasphemous desires.

Rites of Sithris

The process for becoming a priest in the cult of Sithris is fraught with danger. Vaguely, the rites include feeling the intolerable 300 lashes of the Xacarba’s tail, sacrificing to the Hungerer’s 21 delights, and tasting the 6 deadly elements of Vishkanya venom. Lamia Priests are fervent in their belief in Sithris’s cruelty, but even the most practiced priest is cowed by Lamia Harridans, who are conferred the title of Celebrant.


Lamia Empire

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