Curse of Undeath


Through unknowable dark rites, Kelthane set upon the people of Telasero a profane curse that would bind them to his will for eternity. In an instant, thousands of peaceable people became agents of destruction and domination. However, such command required so much unholy power that it would leave Kelthane severely weakened, so Kelthane bound the curse to Oolasil and the Well of Souls. With the curse bound to this font of otherworldly power, the cursed undead were aloud to keep a measure of free will, despite also being the minions of the Dark Lord’s will..

In addition to the original mass casting, the curse can also be targeted personally onto a soul. This casting is less costly but the caster must have direct access to the target’s life essence. That means that the victim must either submit willingly to the profane ritual, or be forcefully subject to it.

This is where Soul Vessels come in handy; though it is not necessary for victims’ souls to be removed from their bodies, it is also not necessary for them to keep their bodies either. Soul Vessels are used to collect and imprison mortal souls, and are not an entirely uncommon artifact among demons and other evil outsiders. They and their contents make for profitable bargaining chips among outsiders, and provide a convenient means by which to preserve a soul for torment. They can also be quite decorative.


The most immediately evident effect of the Curse of Undeath is that victims are in fact deathless. Unlike the typical raised dead that are merely animated shells, or ghosts who are formless remnants of remembered lives, the Curse of Undeath keeps the soul and the body together through death. A cursed undead who is slain “awakens” in the Well of Souls, his or her body restored.

The curse attaches to one’s soul, like a parasite that corrupts the whole. This corruption not only binds the soul to the Well of Souls, but also turns a naturally positively aligned soul to negatively aligned. In addition to the typical properties of negative energy affinity (i.e. hurt by Cure and healed by Inflict spells), this also keeps the body from ageing naturally, preserving it as it was when the curse was cast.

Curse of Undeath

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