Celebrant of Sithris


Garbed in priestly robes, this massive beast is a beautiful giantess from the waist up and a vicious hunting cat from the waist down. Somehow, the look of abject cruelty in her eyes is more unsettling than the feral claws of her lower half.

Thulsala is the fanatical leader of Mamfar and of the Lamia Empire. She is a Harridan Lamia who claims to hear the will of Sithris, the Serpent.


Long ago, Sithris afflicted the Lamia with their bestial shapes, and his priests has since attempted to divine a way to restore their once beautiful forms. Alchemy, Astrology, and the other “sciences” revealed no such solution, so they relied on revelation. The Lamia priesthood believed that Sithris speaks directly to his most powerful and fervent worshipers, and Thulsala, the cruelest and most zealous Harridan among them, was one of these rare mediums. It was believed that one day Sithris would convey to Thulsala the cure for their bestial curse.

Thusala, with her deceiving beauty and forked tongue, not only became revered as Sithris’ speaker (or Celebrant), but also as the tyrannical leader of the Lamia people. She founded the Lamia Empire, and invoking the will of Sithris, conquered and wrecked destruction upon countless denizens of the dessert. It culminated in the desecration of a temple to the Beasts of Good that housed an enclave of Lamassu. Through the vile craft of flesh-weaving, the bodies of the Lamassu were used to compose the Hungerer, one of Sithris’ most loathsome abominations.

Thulsala, the Lamia, and the many slaves they had taken, erected the city of Mamfar, a testament to the industries of cruelty and suffering. Thulsala’s reign was cut short however, when the Divine Warriors took her down in the halls of the desecrated Temple of Goodly Beasts.


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