The Hungering Darkness, the Void’s Face, the Master of Shadow, etc.


A being of almost godly power, Nihilist is a carnation of death, darkness, and fear (all examples of domains his clerics may take). He resides within the infinite depths of the Abyss, where he feeds on damned souls that are unfortunate enough to become lost there. Feeding on and annihilating damned souls is his primary interest, and his crave for them is unending, but he is not without restraint. He enjoys toying with the hopes of mortals, tricking them into acts of evil, and seemingly for no other reason than the sheer thrill of breaking a person’s spirit. He keeps enough servants (his most powerful being the dreaded Nightshades) to provide him a steady stream of souls for consumption and heinous entertainment.


For an age, Nihilist choked the Realm with darkness and dread, watching with grim satisfaction as the world was terrorized and tormented. His servants were many and vast, but his most favored servant was Medea the Nightshade; she knew Nihilist only as a mysterious shadow patron who would torment her dreams and allow her power over darkness, but Nihilist desired her, body and soul. The god had become infatuated by her, and enacted a scheme that would fool the beauty into such despair that she would give herself willingly to him.

Nihilist came to her as a raven, and promised the return of her recently lost loved one in exchange for the sacrifice of her unborn child. The trickery succeeded, as Medea’s bargain resulted in an abomination of her betrothed, not a resurrection. Nihilist, ever cunning and deceitful, reveled in his scheme, and Medea would have surely submitted herself to the Abyss if not for one of Nihilist’s grander schemes interfering.

As Nihilist manipulated Medea, Kelthane communed with the god, seeking power. Nihilist offered a pact with him: If Nihilist granted Kelthane a modicum of his power, the Pneuma of Unlife, Kelthane would use it to build an army of damned souls. These damned souls would be Kelthane’s to command, and with them he would collect yet more souls, until there were no souls yet left to collect. Once all of humanity had been enslaved, Kelthane would commit them to the Abyss, and Nihilist would have all of mankind to consume. By these terms did Nihilist bestow the Pneuma of Unlife unto Kelthane and the Endless Legion was born, but Nihilist’s designs for Medea had to be postponed.

Two hundred and fifty years later, when Kelthane refused to submit humanity to the Abyss for Nihilist’s pleasure, Nihilist sought an opportune moment to enact his wrath. That moment came when Medea appeared within his domain. He knew of her divine quest as he still visited her dreams, but being of the kin of gods himself, he set her on a new quest: Destroy his wayward servant Kelthane, take the Pneuma of Unlife, and use it to commit the souls of humanity to the Abyss. Medea agreed to this without question, and Nihilist gifted her the Shadow Spike, a tool to traverse to and from her mortal realm and the infinite Abyss.

Nihilist was vexed for sending Medea away from him, as she was his most beloved possession, though Medea, tormented and broken as she was, still had no idea. However, Nihilist’s desire for the souls of humanity went unsatisfied, as Medea did not obtain the Pneuma of Unlife, forfeiting it instead to Legion who used it to free man kind from damnation. In doing so, however, Nihilist could finally receive Medea, whom came to him willingly, after almost three centuries of waiting.


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