The Precursor, Astral Deva


Messenger of the gods of good, this tall being has long, feathery wings and a gentle inner radiance that makes it difficult to look directly at her.

Nadalene is the last “pure soul,” that is, the only living human untainted by the curse of undeath. However, to call her human is only partially true, as though she appears as a young maiden in a green cloak most of the time, sunlight reveals the purity in her heart and transforms her into an angelic messenger.

She speaks often of her “parents,” but it’s clear that she refers to something quite different than the typical definition:
“My mother is the arms that cradle newborn babies, the wisdom that cures the ills of young and old, and the bonds that bind us in fellowship. My father is the hands that wield the farmer’s hoe, the strength that keeps soldiers brave, and the pen that writes the laws of men. There is no mystery about them, no schemes, just the desire to see their children flourish.”


Very little is known about the mysterious girl’s past, not even by her protectors Ser Essotho and Alisdair. She may have been an orphaned Wild Born child, or come to this land by way of sea from a far off land, or simply appeared here somehow all together more miraculously. Whatever the case, she has managed to be kept safe from the agents of Kelthane for all of her 14 years of life.

On the anointed day when the sun shone on her for the first time in a lifetime, she assumed her true form and spoke with the voice of the divines. She foretold the restoration of the realm, and bestowed the gods’ favor upon the Divine Warriors.


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