The Cliff Giant


This giant has a majestic presence and stoic bearing. His rocky, red-brown skin is shot through with streaks of shimmering color.

Lo is an elderly hermit Cliff Giant who lives at the end of the Broken Hills region where the dessert winds begin, and has made it his business to thwarts the Hungerer of its meals.


Lo has lived on the fringe of the dessert for centuries. Indeed, he remembers a time when there was no Dark Lord of Oolasil or Lamia Empire, and when the sun still shone. He has been witness to the darkening of the world, and the death of the natural order. Notably, he has a specific grudge against the Lamia and their abomination, the Hungerer: Lo was friends with the Lamassu that had resided in the Temple of Goodly Beasts, but they were slain by Thulsala, and their bodies used in profane flesh-weaving craft to compose the Hungerer.


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