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Legion is in many ways still a teenager. Most of his decisions are based on going with the flow of what’s popular, and in Demon Wood, that’s faithful obedience to your overlords and serving their demonic will. Legion, also like a teenager, is stubborn and holds to his opinions no matter how unfounded.

In general, Legion is quick to the point and direct. When there is a job to be done, few things distract him, and he often gets frustrated and winy when others stray from an objective.

Physical Description:
Gender: male
Hair: Black, long, windswept
Eyes: Bright Blue that reflect the spirits he can see while in the dark
Skin: Burgundy
Height: 5’7’’
Age: Human equivalent to 17, actually ~250
Horns: Large pair of Infernal horns stemming from just above the brow and curving to behind the ears, like a Pit Fiend, or a Talbuk.
Tail: fiendish, prehensile, with a spade at the end, reflective of his diabolic heritage.

After being granted divines powers, Legion gained a spirit bow that sheds blue light after knocking an arrow. He wares Elysian bronze forged by storm giants.


The details of Legion’s life before the Curse of Undeath is lost to memory; he was very young at the time and doesn’t remember much. He’s always been a vagrant, orphaned as an infant and homeless.

Legion was not always called Legion, his birth name is Savin Avernus Vrockwing. When he became part of the Endless Legion, he fell into the ranks of the undead with relative acceptance. After all, up until then he had no place where he belonged; no home, family, etc. For the first time, he was equal with others and felt needed. After centuries of servitude and conquest, Savin adapted well to his ranger position, assimilating many into the ranks of the Endless Legion, including Grizaal of the Wild Born. Legion rangers would often perform hunting raids in war bands and upon encountering the denizens of the world they’d shout things like “the Legion hath cometh!” Savin took Legion as his true name in honor of his position and new family, and soon forgot his given name.

Legion is one of the Divine Warriors destined to return light to the world. However, Legion’s true allegiance is, and always has been, to the Endless Legion. This allegiance, not the prophecies of the Precursor, caused him to join the fight against the demons and Kelthane who he now sees are oppressing the legion and depriving them of hope, love, and happiness. He also has the unique ability to see onto the ethereal plane and interact with spirits in a limited way. One such recurring spirit is Alderthane, Once-king of Telosaro, who has guided Legion on his quest and showed Legion the truth of Kelthane’s evil.

Joining him on Legion’s quest to liberate the Endless Legion from the tyrany of the demons and Kelthane are Medea, the Nightshade, Renault, Vigilant Guardian, and Grizaal, Druid of the Flame.
Legion was only ever vaguely aware of Medea, but found her broodish attitude off-putting. However, after visions of past could-have-beens, Legion now sees Media as a sympathetic character, one of many having their lives ruined by Kelthane.
Renault is, for all intents and purposes, a different person than the anti-paladin called Obitu he once was. Legion admired Obitu for his loyalty to the overlords, aspiring to one day be held to as high an appraise as Obitu had. Renault is still a mystery to Legion, knowing for sure only that Renault opposes the demons as much as he does. Legion still messes up his name though.
Legion changed Grizaal’s life as much as anyone could: he killed him. At least for the first time. Venturing into the plains, hills, and forests to assimilate Wild born into the the Endless Legion was a duty of a legion ranger, and Grizaal was no different than any other to him. After the revelation of Kelthane’s evil, however, Legion feels a twinge of guilt about bringing so many under Oolasil’s shadow. He’s glad that Grizaal does not seem to hold him personally responsible.

Inexplicably, Legion has a fondness for Charmlash. Maybe he likes the cheery, can-do attitude.

Alderthane, Once-king of Telosaro, is actually Legion’s father, making Legion true heir to the Telosaro crown.

The Chosen Warriors defeated Kelthane in their final confrontation, and using the White Soul Vessel, trapped Kelthane’s soul and the Pneuma of Unlife. To ensure that the legion would never be enslaved by evil forces again, Legion imbibed the White Soul Vessel, taking the curse into himself, and gaining the Dark Lord’s power. He promptly drained the Well of Souls, releasing humanity from the endless cycle of undeath. Their quest complete, the Divine Warriors disbanded.

Legion took on his role as rightful king of Telosaro, and lead the his people into a new age of light. However, no king lives forever, or so they say. Having taken the Pneuma of Unlife, Legion was the only one still cursed with immortality. The dark energies slowly twisted his form, bringing his fiendish heritage to the fore. He would eventually give up his crown and serve humanity from afar as a shepherd of the dead residing in the Ethereal plane. For the past several thousands of years, Legion acts as a guardian of the Ethereal plane, warding off fiends that would take advantage of humanity.


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