Dark Lord of Oolasil


The figure sitting before you, lounging absently upon a wicked throne drinking from a clawed chalice, is darkly handsome, an ebon-skinned man nearly nine feet tall, clad in fine silken robes and gold thread. He smiles slyly, and his eyes blaze with demonic flames and the suggestion of power and terror beyond mortal reason.

He has been named First among Demons, but Kelthane keeps very few of their ilk close to him, as he is especially suspicious of their scheming and deceitful ways. He prefers the company of his cursed undead, and especially his jester Charmlash, whom he finds most entertaining.

Kelthane mostly keeps to his own council in the Crown of Oolasil, seemingly aloof to the petty rivalries of his demonic servants in Demon Wood below. But always, there is the sense that nothing passes his notice within the Fell Tree, as if the very shadows had eyes.


The Dark Lord came into his throne 250 years ago, upon the Curse of Undeath’s casting. What is mostly unknown however is his rise to power, and those who died in his wake.

Having raised my son, I could plead to you that Kelthane was not always as malicious as he is now, but I will not bore you with an old man’s reminiscence. Suffice to say that one day the boy changed. Years passed as a shadow grew under my house’s roof, and me blind to it. I taught him how to ride and fight, arranged his marriage, and raised his daughter as though she were mine own. I was blind until the day I discovered the terrible truth, the same day I died.

Murdered by mine own son as a part of some profane rite, Kelthane wielded unholy power like a child plays with fire. My paladins, ever loyal to justice’s cause, made swift to avenge me. They failed, as my son managed to slay more than half of them, including one who now names himself your companion.

Where he fled, nobody knew but I. To Oolasil I followed, and there he gathered all he needed to enact his master curse. With the power he took into himself, he became monstrous to behold. Upon his return to Telasaro, his wife and child escaped to the phantom coast as my paladins made to forestall him. But then his curse was cast, and all the kingdom became a tool for his will. The child and her mother were murdered where you two spoke.

-Alderthane, Once-King of Telasaro

Kelthane ruled and expanded his dark kingdom for two hundred and fifty years, recruiting many demonic and worse powers to his will. He dominated Everid with the Endless Legion, enslaving and cursing all of the race of men with the power granted him by the Pneuma of Unlife, the gift he received from Nihilist as a tool for the cursing of souls. Kelthane, once all of humanity was cursed, was to submit their souls to the Abyss, but after centuries of holding absolute power over life and death, Kelthane reckoned himself a god and did not forfeit the Legion, daring anyone in the Sphere to challenge him.

Kelthane was ultimately undone by a handful of chosen champions, the Divine Warriors.


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