Insane undead demon exile


Floating above the altar is the horrid figure of a powerful undead. This dry, hovering corpse’s chest is a prison of jagged ribs, within which is trapped a small tormented ghostly form.


Etutsemat was once a powerful demon, and one of the Dark Lord’s lieutenants, and the trainer of Obitu in the harnessing of hatred and corruption. However, the demon learned of the source of Kelthane’s power, the Pneuma of Unlife, and attempted to destroy the Dark Lord to steal it for himself. The effort failed, and Kelthane banished him to beyond the Veil, a fate worse than death in the minds of most demons.

Etutsemat’s body and mind was warped by the ripping forces at the edge of the Sphere. Deformed and utterly insane even by demonic standards, Etutsemat, who once desired to take Kelthane’s place, now vowed to use the Pneuma of Unlife to corrupt and destroy all life upon the Realm. As he wondered the Sphere, he was captured by Archons, but managed to escape their custody, taking lives as he did. He would eventually make his way back to the Realm, and set in motion his quest for destruction.

Needing the White Soul Vessel, he first approached Thulsala of the Lamia Empire, but they refused to part with the artifact. Etutsemat slew a number of priestesses in his anger, and instead turned to Exradolor, Kelthane’s lieutenant, with a tempting offer: Etutsemat would aid in overthrowing Kelthane to make Exradolor the new Dark Lord. Blinded by greed, Exradolor jumped at the offer, and hid Etutsemat in Telasero. The plan was a lie, but Etutsemat needed help if he were to gain the Pneuma of Unlife.

Etutsemat was tracked down by the Archons he had harmed, and they enlisted the aid of the DIvine Warriors to bring the fugitive to justice. Confronted by these powerful heroes, with his old pupil Obitu among them, Etutsemat manipulated the Warriors into acquiring the White Soul Vessel. Though the Warriors defeated him, Etutsemat escaped Telasero and confronted them one last time to ensure that, even though he would be slain, his corruption would lead them to the destroying of the Realm themselves.


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