The Red Jester


A horrid walking corpse appears, arrayed in brightly colored clothes, floppy shoes, and a bright red jester’s hat complete with jingling bells sewn to the ends of the cap. The rigor mortise seems to have permanently pulled the creature’s face into a broad and horrific grin.

Charmlash the Insane, the Dark Lord’s jester, is a maddened walking corpse that gives even demons a chill when they look at him. Despite his condition, he is a selfless, playful creature that loves nothing more than to pull pranks on visitors to the Crown of Oolasil.


Charmlash was raised as an undead after the Curse of Undeath befell Telasaro, where he once was a scholar and a gentleman. In the time before the curse, Charmlash was a valued adviser to the King of Telosaro, Alderthane. Known for his political and scientific treatise, this budding philosopher’s career was cut short by a sudden and tragic death of unknown circumstance. Shortly after Kelthane’s rise to the Dark Lord, Charmlash was raised, but his body and mind were broken beyond repair.

Rumor has it that Charmlash and Kelthane knew each other before the fall of Telasaro, and might have even been friends. Kelthane himself could have been the one to raise Charmlash, perhaps with the hope of restoring a once trusted ally. However, the Charmlash that became is not the Charmlash that was, but has been kept close to Kelthane nonetheless.

As the Red Jester of the Crown of Oolasil, Charmlash’s duties includes heraldry, bookkeeping, and entertainment for Kelthane and his guests (usually by self mutilation and comic violence).


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