Shadow Folk

Denizens of the Tenebrous Shore, shadow folk come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Living outside the gates of the Abyss, many shadow folk are associated with death, and much of the plane’s native inhabitants are undead. However, there is a large immigrant population of outsiders, as these foreigners are drawn to the Tenebrous Shore’s promise for self-discovery on the edge of reality. The Tenebrous Shore hosts a plethora of strange cults and practices, from the aloof, ascetic Shea to the masochistic, flesh-cutting Kyton.


The mysterious people known as the shaes are natives of the Shadow Plane. In their own language, their name means “unbound” or “unfettered.” According to shae history, they were once humanoids who through tireless study and self-perfection managed to transcend the bonds of a definite form. Though they still bear roughly humanoid shapes, shaes’ outlines are perpetually wispy and impossible for any non-shaes to focus directly on.


Shadow Folk

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