Renault Backstory

Before he was even given a name, Renault awoke into a dark and cramped existence. He did not awaken as if he was asleep in the literal sense; he was in fact very active in the time before his being took hold of the body he inhabited. At first, only simple and straightforward thoughts crossed his mind. His hunger grew and grew while in his lightless box. At first he craved the flesh of living creatures, imagining himself gnawing on the bleeding limbs of the female thing who put him inside the wooden box. Several years went by, and his thoughts grew more complicated with his increasing intellect. Soon he was asking, “Who am I? How did I get inside this box?” One subject seemed to remain in his mind during his transformation: the one who imprisoned him.

Unfortunately for him, with his change in intellectual capacity, he began to lose his ability to go on without food. He was so hungry, but he no longer hungered for flesh. Before, he wished to escape so he could feed. Now he could feel the rush of adrenaline as his new survival instincts began to take control. He was breathing. Like a humanoid.

Renault scratched and clawed at the wooden ceiling inches in front of him. His breath, as new a feeling as it was, began to get short. The atmosphere he was taking in was getting thin, and time was running out. Renault realized he needed this air to survive even more than food. As he scratched desperately at the wood, the flesh on his hands split and broke, falling from his bones and onto his face. He felt his face with his bone fingers, and the skin felt loose and leathery. Renault used his voice box for the first time, letting out a raspy scream of terror at what was happening to him, and yet he felt no pain as the flesh on his bones began to shred like wet tissue paper.

It wasn’t long until the air in the wooden chamber was completely exhausted. Renault had forgotten about surviving at this point. All he could do now was squirm as his short life inside the lightless box came to an end. There were no images of life to flash before his eyes. He awoke in darkness, lived in darkness, and died in darkness. How cruel his life was. If he hadn’t of died so horribly, he would surely walk away a much more cruel and terrible person if he survived…

…but he did survive. Somehow, some way, he survived. He awoke in darkness, once again. The darkness slowly subsided into a dim glow. He felt suspended in place, with fluid all around him. Again there was nothing to breathe. He looked all around him and saw other beings suspended just like him, but many were moving upward. He tried moving his limbs, stiff as they were. He looked up and saw a murky blanket of refraction. He had to get out of the fluid or he would lose his second chance at life. He instinctively motioned his arms to carry him upward toward the dim wall at the top of the fluid. He reached out to touch it, but found that his bony finger passed right through. In no time he was above the surface, gasping for air like he was still in the coffin.

After catching his breath, he observed the world around him. Massive column-like roots arched up into a single mass hundreds of feet above him. To the horizon was a clear shoreline, and other beings were crawling back onto the land. Some effortlessly, others looked exhausted and took much longer to reach the shore. Renault swam to the shore, taking note of his arms in front of him. The other beings seemed different somehow. As soon as he got to the shore, he turned around and looked down into the surface.

A monster. He was a horrifying, terrible monster. He turned back around to see several of the beings staring at him. Not in curiosity, but in fear. The very sight of him struck people with horror. He took a step forward, and the others steered clear of him. He saw a line of people walking up a gigantic root and made for that direction.

Renault laid low in his visit to the city suspended in Oolasil, a massive tree. He stole a robe and a bronze mask he saw the merchants and other commoners wear. He knew nothing of their language, and became a recluse. Despite his attempts at hiding from the eyes of the public, people of power began to notice his absence from the battlefield. He was caught red handed trying to steal some meat from a merchant, and a demon took notice. Soon, their master was made aware of his lack of service.

Renault met Kelthane face to face soon after. With his identity revealed, Kelthane was intrigued and called Renault “Obitu.” Obitu showed little signs of emotion, but Kelthane knew Obitu had a monstrous and evil heart.

Renault Backstory

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