Vrock Sisters

Stewards of Telasero


These three nameless Vrock Demons Reside within the bell tower keep in Telasero, and act as Kelthane’s eyes and ears in the south. The trio, supposedly sisters, are just different enough in appearance and personality to seem unique individuals, but nevertheless are only known collectively as the Vrock Sisters. Their actual names remain a mystery, so any reference to an individual must be made via description: there is the squat and fat one who is exceedingly paranoid, the tall and thin one who only ever speaks condescendingly, and the most loathsome looking one who is almost reasonable when speaking to. They constantly bicker and argue among each other, and tend to loose track of people in conversation other than each other.


It’s unknown when and why they were sent from Oolasil to Telasero. Chances are, their indifferent contempt for all things, combined with their constant bickering with each other, got on the nerves of someone more important than them, and so were sent to a place far away. At Telasero, they dabbled in bizarre hybridization experiments to breed half-fiend minotaurs.

Vrock Sisters

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