Ser Essotho

Hedge Knight, Protector of Nadalene


Silver-white hair the color of a lightning strike whips about this poised elf-like archer, his eyes swirling with vibrant colors.


The Bralani Ser Essohaz, Ser Essar, and Ser Essotho, make up a brotherhood of hedge knights that serve the Court of Leaves. Long before their journeys brought them to Everid, the trio had gone on many adventures and faced many perils together. The brothers were inseparable, but when they joined the Court of Leaves to thwart the will of evil of Nirvalin, Ser Essotho felt compelled to leave his brothers to serve the Precursor.

Ser Essotho joined up with his son Alisdair to find the Precursor. Alisdair had grown up with his mother’s people in the Eldritch Forests, and knew the lay of the land, as well as the habits of the enemy, better than any. They soon discovered Nadalene, only a child, and have hence called themselves her protectors. They have taken great pains to keep her hidden from the the Defiler’s eyes and out of the Endless Legion’s reach.

One day, the young girl was in a wooded glade near the Smoldering Mountains when she was spotted and captured by Ohtaz. Ser Essotho had let her wander too far, and by the time he knew what had happened, she was already on her way to Quasit Pass. Ser Essotho immediately gathered a handful of the most skilled elven warriors Alisdair knew, and sneaked past the pass’ fortress and into the mines. However, Divine Warriors had already begun their bloody business, and the best Ser Essotho could do was recover the girl’s body and entrapped soul.

Being a being for whom there is no separation of soul and body, Ser Essotho was unphased by the prospect of restoring Nadalene to whole. He consulted Lushaldoren, who with his druidic magic reunited soul and body, albeit with a new shade of hair color. However, despite this quick recovery, the true danger was that the enemy now knew that the machinations of good were at work, and so it was necessary to assemble the Court of Leaves. The brothers Ser Essohaz and Ser Essar called goodly creatures from far and wide, while Ser Essotho made safe the Precursors travel to the assembly.

Ser Essotho

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