Ser Essohaz and Ser Essar

Sworn brothers, Hedge Knights


Standing side by side are two Silver-white haired elf-like archers, almost like mirror images of one another. They also share a striking resemblance to the precursor’s rescuer, Ser Essotho.


The Bralani Ser Essohaz, Ser Essar, and Ser Essotho, make up a brotherhood of hedge knights that serve the Court of Leaves. Long before their journeys brought them to Everid, the trio had gone on many adventures and faced many perils together. The brothers were inseparable, but when they joined the Court of Leaves to thwart the will of evil of Nirvalin, Ser Essotho felt compelled to leave his brothers to serve the Precursor.

Ser Essohaz and Ser Essar have been pivotal in the recruitment and organization of the court’s forces. They rallied the elves’ shattered army after their defeat in the fields before the Eldritch Forest, and were able to bring the ents and giants into the fold. They then lead the assault on Quasit Pass, cutting the Endless Legion off from its supply line and putting the forces of good within reach of Oolasil.

Ser Essohaz and Ser Essar

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