Renault, Vigilant Guardian

First of the Obitu, Renault led a life of villainy before discovering his own path.


The self-named Renault is an armor-clad Cavalier. Renault is no typical humanoid; he is an Obitu, a magical entity inhabiting a skeleton that belonged to someone long-dead. Renault was formerly referred to as simply ‘Obitu,’ but he has since discovered a purpose in life other than serving the will of Kelthane, and chose Renault as his designation.

Physical Description

From the Pathfinder SRD: “At first and even second glance, an obitu appears to be the undead or animated skeleton of a deceased humanoid, most often human, but always of Medium size (the process of vivification fails if the subject is too small or too big, thus destroying the undead host, and not yielding a viable obitu). They are, in fact, walking skeletons. Their form is also one of death; they wear the shell of a skeletal corpse.
Closer inspection reveals a few differences. Most observers first notice their eyes; vibrant pools of green luminescence. Obitu bones are warm to the touch; smooth, pulsing, and devoid of the dryness and wear that is common to undead skeletons. The bone color is almost always a deep beige. However, the most effective way to tell an obitu from an undead is by wounding one; if bright red living blood issues forth, it is likely an obitu. Some less noticeable differences include a thin membrane under the jawbone, pinkish tendons slightly visible at the joints, and if one listens closely, shallow respiration can be heard.”

His eye sockets glow with bright blue light now as opposed to the previous green; a sign of his mythical power. Renault wears spiked full-plate armor, but he has forgotten to sharpen the spikes since he gave up his antipaladin ways and began to shift his moral character to that of an honorable guardian. He is not one to give up useful equipment, however.

Detailed Description

Name: Renault, Vigilant Guardian
Alignment: Neutral Good(previously Chaotic Evil)
Race: Obitu
Class: Cavalier, Order of the Guard(previously Antipaladin)
Age: 250~
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 28lbs
Wearing(visible): Spiked Full Plate Mail, Black Cloak
Weapons: Scimitar, Coldiron Lance
Shield: Mithril Heavy Shield

Mount Name: Renegade
Type: Horse(six legs)
Age: 7
Wearing(visible): Chain barding, saddle



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Renault is an Obitu, and was created by Medea, the Nightshade by accident shortly after the Curse of Undeath was cast. He inhabits the bones of her late fiance, and was brought to life with the magical energy of her unborn child’s soul. Medea sees Renault as her son, but Renault does not feel the same about their relationship. Prior to having this revealed to him, Renault tormented Medea for almost all of her life as a member of the Endless Legion. For almost 250 years, Renault murdered and tortured her and other Cursed repeatedly. Medea saw him as a constant reminder of her selfishness when she tried everything she could to bring back her paladin fiance. Renault was a living nightmare; enslaving the corpse of Medea’s lover and becoming the very opposite of his profession: an anti-paladin.

All of this changed when, while on a mission to infiltrate the Court of Leaves, Renault(still referred to as ‘Obitu’) was the witness of a divine miracle. His and the rest of the party’s cover was blown. Nadalene, having transformed into her true form(an astral deva), inspired Renault by giving him a greater purpose in life. Renault, seeing himself as an instrument of Kelthane’s destructive will, discovered he was no mere risen skeleton; it was revealed to him that his race could propagate, and that his race was not born of pure evil. Nadalene bestowed mythic power upon him and his companions, and Medea revealed to him the truth about his creation.

Soon after, he chose the name of “Renault, Vigilant Guardian”, and vowed to protect Medea for the rest of his life, as atonement for his crimes. While it is understandable that no one in the party sees him as a friend, Renault treats his companions with respect and dignity in an effort to gain their trust and to hopefully turn them around to enjoying his company.

Renault, Vigilant Guardian

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