Ora Tigerheart

Wild Born, Weretiger


In a strangely fluid motion, the cat rears up onto its lithe hind legs as they bend and mold to form toned humanoid limbs. Its body shrinks to a medium size and its wide feline head compresses to form the face of a woman with large eyes, a long nose, and sharp cheekbones. Her hide armor does little to cover her tanned skin that has retained the markings of tiger-stripes.

Ora Tigerheart is a Wild Born, and like most Wild Born, has a strong affinity for the animal kingdom. She can transform between her human self and the form of a fearsome saber-toothed tiger. She is not one to dwell on the past nor consider the future, always living in the moment and doing what comes naturally (usually sleeping or hunting).


She and Grizaal were well acquainted once, but when Grizaal disappeared one day, she had assumed that her mate had moved to a different territory without saying farewell. Unbeknownst to her, however, Grizaal had actually been taken prisoner by the Endless Legion.

She too would soon be taken by the legion, but she would not be a captive for long. Like many freshly converted undead, she deserted the legion as soon as she could, and it was merely by misfortune did she fail to reunite with her lost lover. Whereas most deserters are either caught by specialized hunter-retrieval teams, or are simply slain by the dangerous monsters of the wilderness, Ora was merely returning home, and easily evaded (or killed) would be pursuers.

Ora then spent years in the Plains of Emergence without so much as a peep from the legion. She returned to living the Wild Born life, hunt or be hunted, and would often forget that she is, in fact, cursed with undeath.

Ora Tigerheart

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