Warden of Quasit Pass


Ram horns curl back from the twisted head of this tiny winged demon, and its body is thin and wiry. The creature is no bigger than a house cat, and one of its eyes is covered by an ornament of gilded ruby.

Ohtaz is the warden of Quasit Pass. A cruel and vulgar creature, Ohtaz possesses a hatred for all things, but nothing disgusts him more than humanity. Humans, he feels, are no more than vermin that deserve the cruel yet uncreative punishments he often deals out to them. However, he earnestly feels that he is the one suffering for having to deal with all the humans he tortures.


Ohtaz was a disagreeable sort even among the other demons. He would often be the subject of hurtful jibes and relentless teasing. The demons knew his disdain for human interaction well, and so would set him on tasks where he would have the maximum human exposure possible, just to rile him. Eventually, however, the thrill of tormenting him wore down and his constant complaining grew tiresome. Thus, Ohtaz was “promoted” to Warden of Quasit Pass, where his duties would be to ensure efficient and comfortable passage of the Endless Legion. He hated it, as his superiors knew he would, and he vowed to make the journey of every cursed undead to walk through Quasit Pass as miserable as possible.

One day, Ohtaz spotted an uncursed human that wandered too close to Quasit Pass. This happened once every couple decades, as still some Wild Born humans roamed unchecked on the plains and hills at the far side of Everid. This human, however, was no Wild Born, as she wore a fine green travelling cloak and her body appeared unacclimated to rugged life. These subtle matters passed Ohtaz by, however, for all humans were the same to him, so he had no idea that he had spotted the precursor Nadalene. The human was chased down and brought to Quasit Pass for collecting. However, the very next day, a team of Elves, led by the gallant Bralani Ser Essotho, infiltrated the pass and recovered the girl.

Ohtaz had fled the battle when the Bralani appeared, and was chastised severely for his cowardice. He returned to Quasit Pass, but a demon better suited for opposing the forces of good would accompany him: Espiteus. The Slave Maker usurped all of Ohtaz’s authority, and was a much more dangerous adversary for those who would enter Qhasit Pass uninvited. However, when the knights Ser Essohaz and Ser Essar, the Divine Warriors, and the grove of Lushaldoren marched on the pass, Ohtaz attempted to ambush the Divine Warriors (thinking them no more than traitorous undead), but was overmatched and was incinerated by Grizaal’s Flamestrike.


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