The Butcher


Malfeshnekor the Butcher lounges on an over-sized throne, away from his bloody work-space. Large as the chair may be, it hardly contains his massive girth. The gluttonous fiend has Goblin like features and is the size of a grizzly bear. He is well over 8 feet tall, with thick hair, almost like fur, coating his thick arms and hands. He snarls a wolfish growl as you approach.


Once upon at time, Malfeshnekor ruled a tribe of goblins deep within the Smoldering Mountains. His was a fair and just rule, but one day he started hearing whispers from the shadows. These whispers tormented the goblin king, maddened him to fits of anger, fear, and sorrow. No shaman could make the whispers subside, so, desperate to be rid of the whispers, Malfeshnekor turned to an outsider who claimed knowledge of such afflictions: Kelthane, a human from a land far and away. The human provided for Malfeshnekor remedies and potions, and these subsided the whispers for a while. However, once the goblin king had consumed all his stock of tonics, the whispers came back worse than ever.

His kingdom of the deep became consumed in darkness, and overrun by monsters with flesh as dark as shadow and who spoke in tormenting whispers. Malfeshnekor desperately slew the whispering monsters until they whispered no more, and then the human returned, and revealed to Malfeshnekor that the monsters he slew were none other than Malfeshnekor’s own tribes-people. Like pigs to a slaughter, Malfeshnekor had butchered them one after the other, and now none were left. Kelthane consoled the goblin king, and took him into his service, and Malfeshnekor never heard another whisper again.


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