Grey Peddler

Travelling Sales-man, Gary


A man dressed in heavy grey robes and carrying a similarly heavy grey sack slung over his shoulder. His face is hidden behind a bronze, expressionless mask that immediately betrays his identity as a merchant.

The Grey Peddler is a mysterious man whose life’s profession is commerce. He sees opportunity where others only see hardship, and always views potential business ventures with an optimistic eye. He bargains hard but would never falsely advertise his wares, so the grey peddler has earned a reputation for his “tough love” approach to trading.


Nothing is known of the personal life of the Grey Peddler. He is not from Telasero, and claims to have had dealings with people far and wide. He occasionally acts on behalf of wealthy clients whom prefer to remain anonymous, of whom even less is known. Regarding these wealthy individuals, his lips are sealed, but it is clear that cost is not an issue for them, and pay top dollar to adventurers who are willing to acquiesce their obscure desires.

Grey Peddler

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