Rage Demon


This creature appears to be an 8-foot tall humanoid with basalt-colored skin. Dark hair covers its head and its hair is long and braided. Its arms are well-muscled and its hands end in powerful claws. Its head is human-like and its eyes are sapphire blue. Large leathery, bat-like wings protrude from its shoulders.


He is known for his quick temper and violent tendencies, as well as his cunning despite his strength. One of Kelthane’s inner circle, Exradolor has become a feared presence among undead and demons alike.

Exradolor and the his servants the Vrock Sisters conspired with the exiled traitor Content Not Found: etutsemat to overthrow the Dark Lord, and harbored Etutsemat below the bell tower of Telasero. When the Divine Warriors vanquished Etutsemat and his Vrock minions, Exradolor abandoned his plot and focused on taking revenge on the Divine Warriors for their meddling.

He and the last remaining member of the Vrocks never had their revenge, as they were forced to flee the lands of Everid when the Court of Leaves sieges Oolasil and the Divine Warriors liberated the Endless Legion.


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