The Slavemaker


This muscular, violet demon walks upon elephantine feet. Large, razor-sharp horns cover its body.

Espiteus is a demon who loves nothing more than dominating his opponents. He is a fearsome bargainer but is more prone to muscling adversaries to his will.


Espiteus was a slaver of men, and a fearful presence in Demonwood. One of his favorite jobs was breaking the wills of new recruits to the Endless Legion, but his last mission brought him to Quasit Pass, to secure it from possible attack. This would spell his demise, as the knights Ser Essohaz and Ser Essar, the Divine Warriors, and Lushaldoren with a walking forest invaded with force. Espiteus tried to stall them for as long as possible, fleeing to the deepest reaches of the Smoldering Mountains, but was felled as vats of molten Cold Iron collapsed around him.


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