Epsilon Mu Zeta

Witches of Oolasil


Epsilon Mu Zeta is an organization made up of those who wish to further the understanding of the otherworldly powers, and for the legitimization of spellcraft as a science.


Founded by a Coven of Witches from Oolasil, Epsilon Mu Zeta is small with only a handful of members and only three who truly know the art: Hagne, Agneta, and Medea. Hagne is a motherly figure, and is the unofficial master of the organization, acting as a mentor to the younger members. Agneta is still a novice witch, but is a constant advocate for the group, and has become something of its spokes-person.

Epsilon Mu Zeta has gained some legitimacy recently in its acquisition of a guild house, and in its victory in subsequent challenges to its claim. The group has thus seen a boost in membership, and meaningful advances in the field of alchemy.

Epsilon Mu Zeta

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