Soul Traders


“We assist individuals and organizations in managing their soul assets. Everyday souls are mismanaged and misallocated, costing ignorant investors fortunes in potential soul revenue, revenue they never knew they had! By no fault of their own, ill-informed individuals, either as start-up businesses or on behalf of a larger organization, make ill-conceived soul ventures, costing the company dearly in potential profits. Consider Hadufuns and I the experts you’d need to help you make the best and most informed decisions when it comes to investing your souls. Tell us, how informed are you of your soul investments?”

Adelais and Hadufuns Investments, or A&H for short, is a two-man organization that is part investment/sales firm, part insurance company, and part financial adviser. Unscrupulous in their pursuit of profits, they are always on the hunt for new, unwary costumers whom they can take advantage of. However, due to the niche quality of their product, unscrupulous tactics is necessary; there are few mortals who would knowingly enter the soul trade.


Adelais and Hadufuns were each sales associates at each other’s competitor’s Daemon corporations, and they constantly bumped heads. Adelais was a brilliant sales representative who knew who to always make a mark bite. Hadufuns however was a numbers guy, and had many contacts far and wide, and had the moneys to back it up.

Eventually, the Daemon corporation Adelais worked for fell behind and underwent a merger with Hadufuns’ Daemon corporation, and Adelais was going to be on the streets or worse. Hadufuns, however, saw an opportunity for greater things, and approached Adelais with an offer: they start a business firm together, splitting profits fifty-fifty, and make more bank than they would have ever seen with the Daemons. With Adelais’ talk and Hadufuns’ smarts, they ventured into the wide world with confidence.


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