Opening Scroll

In the grim dark of the distant past, there is only war. It is the Age of Darkness, an impossible time where sunlight has abandoned the world and night reigns alone. Over two thousand years, the demonic forces have spread their wicked influence to almost every corner of the world, and everywhere they go, to every land they corrupt with their vileness, the shadow follows. Their domination over the realm appears inevitable, but as long as there is good in the world, hope will never perish.

Two hundred and fifty years ago, the Dark Lord arose from the fledgling race of Man. Kelthane, King of Telasero the Forgotten City, made pacts with demons and became more terrible than any before him, darkening the peaceful city. Named the Defiler, he became a monster of great power and insatiable hunger who craved corruption and domination, and all who held true to good, mortal and immortal alike, feared his awful will. As part of Kelthane’s ascension, he cursed his city with undeath so that his subjects may serve him for eternity. Since then he has waged bloody war against all who opposed him, and now after over two centuries of unholy conquest, his rule is absolute.

You are part of his Endless Legion of the undead, once mortal but now cursed. Even after two hundred and fifty years you haven’t aged a day, and yet you still know the suffering of illness, the sorrow of regret, and the pain of injury. You’ve fought many wars, contributed to the deaths or enslavement of thousands, and now you’re at it once again. The Elves of the eldritch forests of Kyrenthia defy Kelthane’s tyranny, but it is a folly quest, for the Endless Legion marches to quash these insolent champions, and no one withstands the Legion.

The Lucid Soul

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